MARCH 15 2024  - JAN 15 2025 


Join our internationally accredited year long teacher training & start your career or expand your expertise in trauma-informed Somatic Coaching & Facilitation for women. 


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The Power of Somatics: A Therapeutic, Sensation-Based Approach

Somatics, at its core, is a journey into self-exploration and transformation, distinct from top-down, masculine-oriented modalities.

It's about forming a deeply felt relationship with your own wisdom by sensing your experience from the inside, birthing unknown parts of yourself into consciousness.

Course Modules: A Deep Dive into Feminine Somatic Intelligence

  1. Foundations: Embark on a journey of embodied leadership, exploring somatic safety, resilience, and the science of embodiment.
  2. Trauma-Informed Facilitation Skills: Master the art of trauma-informed somatic facilitation, focusing on sensation-based, present-moment relating.
  3. Somatic Feminine Intelligence: Uncover the intricacies of the feminine vs patriarchal femininity, including sensuality and the nervous system, and somatic dance therapy.
  4. The Shadow Side of the Feminine: Delve into internalized misogyny, the collective patriarchal embodiment of the feminine, and the history of female oppression.
  5. Erotic Individuation: Navigate the realms of body sovereignty, sexual trauma, and the anatomy of female arousal.
  6. Accessing Genius & Feminine-Centered Business: Learn how to create and structure your teachings and workshops, guided by principles of feminine-centered business.

Expert Faculty 

Be guided by an array of experts including Maanee Chrystal, Dr. Saida Desilets, Maya Luna, and Kimberly Anne Johnson & more. Each a beacon in their respective fields of body philosophy, Somatics, Trauma, Nervous System Health, The Shadow & more. 

A Personal and Professional Reawakening

This training is not just an educational endeavor; it's a rebirth. It's about dismantling the programming we've received, reawakening our freedom and aliveness, and reclaiming the feminine, the shadow, and body intelligence as allies for wholeness.

Challenge Patriarchy: Embrace the Feminine Principle

Deeply understand how patriarchy has shaped our lives and how we can return to living in harmony with our authenticity and the Feminine principle. This program is a laboratory for deconstructing patriarchal conditioning and an investigation into reclaiming feminine wisdom.